Title: Summer Thought

The season of freedom. The sun scorches against my skin. The warm breeze brushes my head.

I smell flowers of nostalgia and gatherings that bees guard from newcomers. Their humming rhythms bring back the summer muse of memories. I hear them in my solitude.

A friendly carhop serving with a smile in town, the skates rolling against the melting pavement. I move back in time away from its booming progress into a standstill.

I am forever that unchanging relic in summer.

Title: Fire Burning: A Small Tribute to Ray Bradbury

The fire crackles and dances, its flames burning freely and taking in oxygen. It burns as it destroys and creates, as we tend to it like a mother does for a child.

Mankind has read about its beauty and power, the molecules and friction, the life and death. It has been used by society to burn things of great importance and of no importance.

We creatures are kindred spirits to fire-

We burn energy, we give life, we spark up the imagination. Yet we also hurt others, we also destroy innocents, we accidentally start a rage.

The Phoenix, another kindred spirit of mankind, is the result of knowing when we make these mistakes and gives us a renewed hope of rekindling and fanning our flames.

It may die, but its spirit will live on in the fire, within us. He will always be in those flames, never dying completely.

He will live on, within the sparks that fly up to the heavens from the funeral pyres, to the stars and beyond, the fire burning.